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Congrès mondial à Québec

Dimanche 4 octobre > Vendredi 4 novembre

Programme Sénateurs Québec

Liste des sénateurs inscrits au 25 août

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Congrès mondial JCI – Québec Canada – 30 octobre/04 Novembre 2016

Mardi 2 février

Logo_JCI_FINAL-300x300Bonne nouvelle pour Québec !
Comme nous avons été plus d’une cinquantaine à nous inscrire pour le congrès mondial de Québec, la JCEF a pu bénéficier d’une prolongation du premier tarif 520 $ USD (485 €) jusqu’au mois d’août.
Place désormais à la deuxième phase : la logistique et l’obtention des meilleurs tarifs possibles. Et la proposition d’un déplacement abordable.
La JCEF a travaillé sur l’avion et l’hôtel. Vous pouvez donc vous inscrire dès maintenant et jusqu’au 7 février, pas plus tard, avec des tarifs super avantageux et un paiement échelonné jusqu’à 45 jours avant le départ.
Merci de renseigner le sondage pour vous permettre d’exprimer vos choix.

Congrès mondial JCI – Kanazawa Japon – 03/08 Novembre 2015

Logo Kanazawa 2

Conférence Européenne JCI – Istanbul Turquie – 03/06 Juin 2015

Pré-tour Sénateurs

1. Senators Pre Tour

The pre tour commences on Thu 28th May. There will be an option to travel to Konya on Sat 30th. Senators can then join the tour on Sun morning.

2. Conference Location

This will be the Istanbul Conference Centre (ICC). It is Istanbul’s newest and largest conference centre. Most of the conference activities will be at the ICC.
Located near to the Hilton hotel is about a 5-10 minute walk from the Senate hotel. For those who need transport a taxi will take around 15-20 minutes due to traffic and the one way system. This will cost around 20TL. Many drivers will take Euros, however, this will be more expensive than paying in Turkish Lira.

3. Arrival service from airport(s), Wednesday

The Havatas airport shuttle service operates from both airports. It drops off & picks up outside the Point hotel which is just 100m from the Marti hotel.

4. Senate Hotel – Marti

The hotel is located in the Talimhane district of Taksim.
Rates for the Marti are on the EC2015 web site. There is no fixed price, book ASAP to get the best price.
There will be no transport to parties & other events, if walking is difficult please use local taxis

5. Other nearby hotels

The Talimhane district of Taksim is one of the main tourist hotel areas of Istanbul. Suggested hotels from the CoC include:-

  • Titanic City Taksim (opposite the Marti)
  • Feronya Hotel (opposite the Marti)
  • Nippon Hotel (nearby Marti)

It has been said that there are 254 hotels within 800m of the Marti so Senators should be able to secure good accommodation with a price and facilities to suit their needs. A map showing the location of some nearby hotels is available. It must be emphasised that this is not a recommendation for any particular hotel. The only hotel visited has been the Marti which is an excellent hotel.

6. Senate lounge/Senate Bar

The Quad bar on the 1st floor of the Marti will be the Senate Bar. It is a lovely location and will be ideal for this. The CoC would appreciate some sponsorship for the bar. Senate organisations can support the Senate bar in kind.

7. Senate Tours Programme

There will be tours provided during conference, details on the EC2015 website. On Friday there will be special tour called ‘Belly Dancing Seminar on the Bophorus’. This will be offered, initially, as a Senators only tour. So please book promptly

8. Senate Golf competition

There will be a golf competition on the morning of Fri 5 June. The location for this is to be finalised. Further details are to follow.

9. Bumble Bee Club

The BBC meeting will be held Thursday afternoon. This cannot be held at the Marti as there are no suitable swimming facilities. A venue for around 50 people is being explored. There will be the usual post swim meeting with Bubbly refreshment.

10. AGM, Saturday morning

The AGM venue will be at the ICC. It is a good sized room which will accommodate the expected number of Senators. Equipment available will include projector, lectern, sound system, white board.

11. Senate Lunch, Saturday

This will also be held in the ICC, literally just a few metres away from the AGM. There will be a ‘Ticket exchange’ required which must be completed before the end of Thursday.

12. Banquet, Saturday evening

Again the venue will be the ICC. More details about the arrangements for the banquet will be available soon.

13. Departure service to airport, Sunday Morning

Board the Havatas airport shuttle service from outside the Point hotel which is just 100m from the Marti hotel. It operates to both airports. Even on a Sunday traffic in Istanbul can be heave so please allow plenty of time to get to your airport.